On a daily basis more and more South Africans are relying on internet connectivity to get things done or simply get through the day. From communication and banking, to social media or even education, the world is at our fingertips. With entertainment, knowledge, and advice living on the internet we want to empower our nation by providing free connectivity to commuters while they are in transit.


Taxi Connect, a joint venture between SA Taxi Connect and TaxiChoice, is proud to offer free Wi-Fi to commuters in minibus taxis and local ranks. The pilot phase of this initiative is currently running in selected taxis around Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our Wi-Fi offering provides commuters with 25 MB of free daily data that they can use to browse as they wish.


To date, we have successfully installed Wi-Fi in 20 minibus taxis with our Taxi Connect branding present on the interior and exterior of the vehicles. We encourage commuters to take these specific taxis to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi offering while en route to their destination.


We are actively engaging third parties to potentially offer their services to our connected commuters to further enhance our Wi-Fi offerings.


We see Wi-Fi as more than just access to the internet, it is a connection to the world.