The benefits of understanding Telematics go beyond fleet owners, operators, and drivers – it actually affects our society as a whole. It’s time for people to understand the tremendous potential telematics has and how it makes the world a safer, cleaner, and more prosperous place by learning how to connect the dots.


SA Taxi has partnered with only the best key suppliers of vehicle tracking solutions to extract value through the generation of vehicle location and operational data. This data is then used for decision making across the business including credit, insurance, collections, and other revenue-generating activities.


The collected data provides very detailed insights into the commuter, operator, and industry behaviour, which would otherwise be very difficult to extract. Furthermore, this data is provided to taxi owners and associations to assist in managing their businesses more effectively.


We are deeply invested in understanding commuters, drivers and operators to provide a safe infrastructure to travel within. We want to add value to the taxi industry by providing or feeding information into the industry to help grow and develop our country’s infrastructure.