Welcome to the Future of Taxi Advertising


SA Taxi Connect’s Media division is an award winning media owner providing targeted and segmented communication opportunities within the taxi transit ecosystem. Leveraging off a national fleet of 23 000 taxis and an understanding of the geographical segmentation of each transport node, our objective is to connect your brand with your target audience in the most engaging way possible through Transit Media, Out of Home, Rank activation, and Digital advertising opportunities.


Launching your campaign with us will empower you to measure and analyse your campaign using reporting that displays actual reach and exposure concentration including additional exposure catchment areas, using our state of the art technology which enables real-time geographic segmentation.


Starting with a pool of 23 000 taxis, we can help you pick the right taxis and target audience in 1 of 3 ways:


1. GPS Co-Ordinates


Select taxis travelling in specific areas based on your branch’s GPS co-ordinates and a radius around your branches to ensure maximum brand exposure in the areas where your branches are located.


2. Borders


Select taxis travelling within the borders of your defined primary or secondary target market areas to ensure maximum brand exposure in areas that your target audience frequents.


3. Specific Target Areas


Select taxis travelling specific routes near your branches. Only taxis on those routes will carry your branding.


Showing your campaign at active times in line with peak commuter catchment times via area specific heart beats, we have everything you need to create a successful taxi advertising campaign.


Have peace of mind knowing that your campaign will reach the right audience, in the right area, with the best product option suited to your campaign requirements.



SA Taxi Media will help you tailor fit your marketing messaging requirements. Our branding options are extremely flexible, allowing you to custom select which elements you want to display and where.


Rank Activations


Wi-Fi digital opportunities
Taxi Exterior Branding Options
Taxi Interior Branding Options

Brand the entire interior space of the vehicle, in easy view of all commuters, and grab the attention of the commuter market. With over 3.2 sqm of branding, you can connect with over 3,100 commuters per month.

Each campaign delivers Detailed and Auditable results.


With our innovative strategic output you can measure your return on investment and analyse your campaign. We provide you with an auditable report of the kilometres travelled by every taxi that forms part of your campaign.


We also provide you with a report that visually displays how the branded taxis have travelled around the areas you selected. And, based on the number of visits to each rank, the estimated times your material has been viewed.